How to reduce our tech footprint


April 22nd, 2022


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Today we demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day reminds us all to mindfully think of better decisions for a greener future. The tech sector represents approximately 5.6% of greenhouse emissions with some of the world’s biggest companies operating in tech. In such a rapid cycle of new to updated, to obsolete tech, consumers are forced to take gadgets to landfill. Moreover, our habits of using tech can have serious environmental implications.

So, as individual consumers what are some actions we can do in order to reduce our tech footprint?

Device energy saving tips:

  • Use power saving mode on your devices – by conserving battery, you are saving energy

  • Stop charging overnight – switch to charging your device in the day so when it finishes charging, it is not plugged in all night

  • Update your devices and be careful what you click to avoid any viruses

  • Declutter your phone – delete any unnecessary apps or files

  • Use the Right to Repair act

  • Donate your devices or reuse old parts

  • Recycle, reuse, repair

    These small daily habits can go a long way into creating a more sustainable planet for the future. #HappyEarthDay