Nebula certifies Information Security framework with ISO27001


June 12th, 2024



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Leading global sustainable technology services firm Nebula Global Services is proud to announce being recently certified ISO 27001:2022.

This standard certifies the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) to securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information assets. Adopting ISO 27001 certification enables Nebula to consistently enhance their security effectiveness whilst being guided by this best practice standard.

Ross Teague, CEO, Nebula Global Services commented on the impact the recent certification will have on the business. “As a services business, reputation and trust is everything. By adding ISO27001 to our suite of best practice certifications we automatically deliver increased customer confidence and market advantage by demonstrating a strong security standpoint.”

Nebula was able to achieve this significant milestone 3 months ahead of schedule due to their existing systems, processes and security best practices. This is testament to the dedication and high standards set by the ISO project lead and their respective team members.

Rob Morris, Head of Customer Success and the ISO project lead explains “As a significant services partner in the channel value chain it is imperative that Nebula can showcase best practice when it comes to identifying, managing and reducing risk when it comes to information security. This certification not only validates our efforts to protect sensitive information but also demonstrates our commitment to our customers, partners, and stakeholders. As cyber threats continue to evolve, we will remain diligent in maintaining the highest standards of information security and continually developing processes to protect our data and systems.”

Nebula has already set its sights on achieving ISO14001 by the end of the year to support its NebZero initiative which is Nebula’s Roadmap to NetZero. More details can be found here

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