Nebula displays sustainability commitment by joining the Techies Go Green movement.


September 19th, 2023


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Nebula have recently become a Techies Go Green approved signatory alongside 200+ other leading technology businesses.  Techies Go Green is a movement of tech-oriented companies, along with support and service providers who are committed to decarbonising their businesses, making them green and verifiably sustainable.

Ross Teague, CEO of Nebula Global Services commented on the recent membership “It is imperative that leaders of technology companies do everything in their power to drive change in terms of our commitment to our planet and future generations.  By becoming a signatory of the Techies Go Green initiative we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with many of our industry peers to build a new type of ecosystem which has sustainability at the very heart of the value chain.”

Nebula’s commitment to the membership is to promote and advance a sustainable future by:

  • Raising awareness of sustainability as a practice by delivering environmental education through articles and virtual events.
  • Leading projects and develop initiatives to help reduce our team’s environmental impact at work and at home.
  • Implementing an ecosystem of delivery partners all focused on decarbonising their business.
  • Encouraging our own network of team members and partners to become more energy efficient, adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles, and use renewable energy.

To find out more about the Techies Go Green sustainability initiative or sign up to become a signatory yourself, please visit Techies Go Green | Empowering the world of Tech to GO GREEN.