Nebula outlines blueprint for sustainable global IT channel services.


January 15th, 2024



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15th January 2024, Wokingham, UK:  Leading Global Sustainable Technology Services firm Nebula Global Services has recently announced its blueprint to transform the global technology services market through the sustainable unification of people and tech.

Nebula believes that the rules of engagement are changing when it comes to the provision of technology services. Service providers can no longer lead solely with their capabilities. Technology businesses need to clearly define their purpose when it comes to sustainability and become accountable to their committed pledges, creating a more sustainable technology value chain that is easy for channel partners to access.

As part of their ‘Journey to NebZero’ initiative, which is Nebula’s roadmap to NetZero, the firm has committed to playing its part in building a more sustainable global channel community.  This will be achieved through an obsession to source-local, source-responsible, and source-ethical across their global supply chain with a focus on decarbonisation and community initiatives.

Nebula’s 6-stage approach to sustainability not only aims to reduce their carbon footprint but also looks to supporting local economies, embrace cultural sensitivity and adaptability, expand sustainable partnerships, and adopt technology and innovation to drive efficiencies.

It was also important for Nebula to build a framework aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With data captured through their materiality assessment, that was shared across their global community of partners, customers, team members and the leadership team, Nebula were able to identify the relevant SDGs for primary focus.  This has allowed Nebula to align with core business objectives, set targets and develop action plans to drive progress in achieving positive impact.

Ross Teague, CEO, Nebula comments “When Nebula was formed back in 2020 the ambition was always to provide a global IT channel services business that delivered a positive impact to the value chain it served.  Our strategy to source-local, source-responsible, and source-ethical on a global scale means we are already starting to build a sustainable business that is becoming increasingly intrinsic to our channel partners due to our customer success obsessed philosophy.”

Nebula’s sustainability blueprint has been underpinned by an extensive rebranding program which under a new strapline ‘People & Tech Unified’ encompasses a new website, value proposition, ESG strategy, and Carbon Reduction Plan.

Teague then goes on to say “The exciting thing for us is that this is just the beginning of the journey.  We have purposely taken our time in making sure our efforts are focused in areas that make a significant difference to our channel partners and collectively we can achieve some amazing things over the coming years.”

Nebula’s sustainability blueprint (NebZero) can be accessed in more detail on the recently launched Nebula website