Nebula provides gold support to The Channel Community


March 12th, 2024


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Leading global sustainable technology services firm Nebula Global Services has recently announced its recent collaboration with acclaimed mentoring and networking provider The Channel Community.

Nebula has demonstrated its support of The Channel Community by becoming one of their gold supporters alongside Coachere and The Channel Recruiter.

Richard Eglon, CMO, Nebula Global Services commented on the recent partnership. “Nebula’s purpose is simple, an obsession to source-local, source-responsible, and source-ethical, creating a sustainable technology community for the benefit of future generations. Partnering with The Channel Community aligns perfectly with our philosophy and values, and we look forward to exploring the opportunities the partnership presents us with.”

The Channel Community was created to connect like-minded people looking to support individuals across the technology channel reach their full potential thorough mentoring. The community also provides support and advice on technology channel related trends and issues, and has connected well over 350 technology channel professionals over the past 3 years.

Yvonne Matzk, founder of The Channel Community comments “We are delighted to have Nebula as one of our Gold supporters. Their values and purpose align perfectly with The Channel Community, and with their commitment and support, we are excited about what we can achieve together.”

Eglon goes on to say “Creating a trusted environment where people from all corners of the technology channel community can come together to expand their professional network, access industry insights, obtain career guidance and enhance their personal development is a rewarding experience, and one the whole team at Nebula are privileged to be able to support.”

Further information on how to get involved with The Channel Community, whether as a supporter, channel buddy or mentee can be found here About | The Channel Community

Nebula works in collaboration with MSPs, VARs and SI’s to deliver sustainable Professional & Managed Services across 140+ countries. When it comes to global service delivery, Nebula offers a unique advantage with their ecosystem of 7,400+ technical and service delivery specialists, providing local expertise, knowledge, and resources. The partnerships they foster allow customers to leverage the strengths of local skills while benefiting from their understanding of regional markets, cultural nuances, and regulatory landscapes.

Nebula’s 6 Step Holistic Approach to Sustainability

· Reduced Carbon Footprint: Nebula global service delivery significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional supply chains. By utilising local resources, companies can cut down on the need for extensive international travel, shipping, and transportation.

· Supporting Local Economies: Nebula leverages local resources to stimulate economic growth in the regions where they operate. This, in turn, supports sustainable development by creating jobs, enhancing local livelihoods, and promoting community well-being whilst aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

· Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability: Nebula are present in over 140 countries where they have adopted an innate understanding of local cultures, languages, and customs. The ability to adapt to local preferences increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

· Faster Time-to-Market: Leveraging Nebula’s model of local resources can expedite service delivery timelines. Local specialists are equipped to navigate regional regulations and bureaucratic processes efficiently, resulting in quicker service execution, therefore enhancing the customer experience.

· Sustainable Partnerships: Nebula select partners whose values align with their own sustainability goals. This commitment to environmental and social responsibility ensures the service delivery supply chain remains focused on the outcomes demanded by all parties.

· Technology and Innovation: Embrace technological advancements that enable efficient communication, collaboration, and resource optimisation. Cloud-based tools, data analytics, and remote project management platforms are utilised to enhance operational efficiency and minimise unnecessary travel.

As part of their continued support of local charities in the communities they serve, Nebula is proud of their association with SHARE Wokingham who are a community-based organisation providing fresh food to families, supporting their health and well-being.