So, what now, Twitter?


May 9th, 2022


Market Insights

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It’s official, Elon Musk has acquired Twitter in a $44 billion dollar deal to become a privately owned company. Elon Musk has openly stated his desire for the platform to become a space for free speech, authenticity and safe from bots. So, what are the changes Musk is rumoured to implement?

Subscription to Twitter

Currently adverts account for 90% of Twitter’s income, so the move to a subscription service would mean a more reliable source of income for the company and reduce its reliance on advertising

Bot crackdown

Musk has called for a defeat on bot accounts by using advanced Al techniques to identify them.

Free speech

This will be an interesting move by Musk as social media allows people to spread misinformation, hate and abuse so how can Musk regulate democracy and protect free speech? Ironically Musk has criticised Mark Zuckerberg over having too much control over public debate.

Will Elon Musk’s takeover be in the public interest? Whether it is or not, this will be an interesting move to watch….