The Solution

After a thorough selection process by the gaming business and their IT provider, Nebula were chosen as the preferred delivery partner.  This was because of Nebula meticulously planning how they would deliver this project from start to finish, with a major focus on technical resource planning to ensure we had sufficient resources at any one time to stay aligned to the schedule.

In addition, Nebula had implemented an on-site project manager who worked with the client to handle any planned and bespoke adds, moves, and changes, and mitigate any risk that arose from any unforeseen issues.

The Nebula solution proved to be a success as it was delivered on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

The Outcome

As a result of their partnership with Nebula, the client managed to ensure its critical infrastructure was fully live and tested well before the global launch of the game, minimising cost overrun for the internal networking configuration team.

The Nebula solution also reduced travel expenses due to their ‘source-local’ approach to technical resourcing.  This eliminated the need for the internal tech team to travel from West Coast USA to Dublin to manage the project onsite.  Nebula was able to handle that locally and used collaboration tools such as MS Teams for real time and video updates, which again minimised the amount of travel and therefore the associated expenses and carbon impact on the planet.

Due to the success of this specific project and their sustainability focus, Nebula have become an intrinsic partner for any projects linked to future launches of the clients premium video game titles.


Customer Success Experience


Locally sourced technical experts were used for the project to minimise travel time and associated expenses.

Carbon reduction

Source local approach reduced the carbon impact of the project.

150+ network devices

Physical rack and stack devices to required high standards.

Time critical

Delivered to coincide with launch of marquee global sports video game.

Vendor agnostic

Technical team installed Cisco Networking and Dell Server technologies.

Intrinsic Partner

Successful project implementation has resulted in becoming a strategic partner.

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