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The Solution

Nebula offered a comprehensive Resource-as-a-Service solution, deploying two dedicated resources in Mumbai and one in Delhi, both being Level 2 End User Compute/System Administrators. Nebula’s service stood out as we successfully navigated the customer’s challenging site access and pre-qualification process while maintaining competitive pricing and agility.

To meet the customer’s stipulations, which required local tax and contributions to be deducted at source, Nebula promptly and efficiently organised for an umbrella organisation to employ the resources, ensuring full compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Additionally, Nebula ensured that all engineers underwent rigorous background and criminal history checks, ensuring compliance with stringent security protocols and providing the utmost peace of mind to the end customer.

The Outcome

As a result of our RaaS solution, the GSD company onboarded the additional technical support team members diligently selected by Nebula.

The implemented solution led to a remarkable surge in user productivity and a significant improvement in ticket resolution time, resulting in a substantial reduction in management overhead. Users and employees of the end client received a seamless local experience, benefitting from support in the same time zone and contribution to local economies through Nebula’s ‘source-local’ approach.

They are now able to offer a strategic, long-term service by harnessing Nebula’s resources, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced service delivery.

Nebula’s partnership with the GSD Company continues to flourish, extending beyond this particular end client to support numerous other global locations facing similar onsite resourcing challenges for their end customers.

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Customer Success Experience


Locally sourced candidates were used for the project to provide support in the same time zone and contribute to local economies.

Carbon reduction

Source-local approach reduced the carbon impact of the project.

Security measures

Rigorous background and criminal history checks were implemented for all engineers, ensuring the highest standards of security.

Enhanced productivity

The implemented solution resulted in a remarkable surge in user productivity, indicating the effectiveness of Nebula's Resource-as-a-Service approach.

Empowering our GSD customer

Nebula unlocked a new revenue stream and maximised the white space opportunity for them in an existing client.

Intrinsic partner

Nebula aims to expand its partnership with GSD customer to support global locations and assist their other clients with similar onsite resourcing challenges.

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