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The Solution

With market trends shifting to as-a-Service and OPEX solutions to minimise fixed overheads and optimise budgets, Nebula was the perfect partner here to deliver the required solution. Our proven RaaS (Resource-as-a-service) framework delivered a comprehensive solution, providing the client with the outcome they required. In addition, also unlocking a new revenue stream for our GSI customer and maximising the white space opportunity for them in an existing client.

Nebula’s global RaaS (Resource-as-a-Service) solution offered the required technical resources and flexible commercial model, assisting with resources locally onsite, via our extensive ecosystem of vetted, onboarded, trusted resources, built up over an extended period of time.

Within 2 days of receiving the job descriptions for the multiple roles required, Nebula’s technical global resourcing team had provided multiple vetted CV’s per role, all who were immediately available.  These candidates not only met the technical experience needed but also the personal attributes required to ensure a suitable cultural fit. The Nebula global resourcing team co-ordinated all interviews and provided answers to any questions from both the end client and the candidates, making it a transparent, seamless experience for all parties, and ultimately giving the end client the options to make their decision quickly.

The Outcome

As a result of our RaaS solution, the international digital payment provider onboarded the additional IT support team members selected by Nebula.  All team members started 5 days after the initial request to Nebula, on 12-month contracts within the day rate budget stated at the outset.

This ensured the staff members of the international digital payment provider had a first-class experience that allowed them to reduce their down time from technical issues and ensure maximum productivity, which in itself had a significant ROI impact.

Utilising the Nebula RaaS model, any associated costs linked to permanent resources such as benefits like paid holiday, sick leave, national insurance, office space, equipment provision, were not applicable. Nebula also helped mitigate any risk of utilising the standard reactive solutions delivered by traditional recruitment companies.

With the positive impact provided at the location Nebula fulfilled technical resources for, we are now in discussions about replicating this across the clients other 19 global locations across the USA, APAC & Europe.

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Customer Success Experience


Locally sourced candidates were used for the project to minimise travel time and associated expenses.

Carbon reduction

Source-local approach reduced the carbon impact of the project.

Efficient candidate sourcing

Selected candidates not only met technical requirements but also matched the client's desired cultural fit and personal attributes.

First-class experience

Rapid 5-day onboarding led to reduced downtime and increased productivity, yielding significant ROI.

Empowering our GSI customer

Nebula unlocked a new revenue stream and maximised the white space opportunity for them in an existing client.

Intrinsic partner

Nebula are discussing replicating our Raas Model across the client's other 19 global locations in the USA, APAC, & Europe.

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