Hear from our Nebula Stars

In my role at Nebula no two days are the same which makes it both exciting and rewarding.  What is very evident, is how the business continues to invest in its people in terms of career development and promotion, providing team members like myself with an enormous opportunity to advance our career within a high-growth, high-energy technology services organisation.

Archie Griffiths, Business Development Manager

I love working with Nebula because:

- Nebula has an Excellent working culture
- Nebula has given importance to My personal and professional growth
- Nebula has provided me opportunities to work on multiple roles that helped me learn and grow professionally
- Nebula gives me an opportunity to work with People and teams across the globe
- Nebula has always valued and appreciated the work i do and has always motivated/encouraged me to be better.

Shweta Singh, Customer Success and Experience Manager

It's such a joy to work within such a high quality team packed with dedicated, ambitious and forward thinking individuals who continually go above and beyond in everything they do.  The fact that Nebula is pushing so many boundaries to provide the highest quality of service while also shooting for the stars in all other aspects including our environmental impact makes the work that we do even more exciting and a pleasure to be a part of.

AJ107121 socials
David Churchward, CFO

Hear from our Net Heroes

Nebula has not only recognised the critical importance of ESG to the future of our industry but has also taken proactive steps to promote these principles in meaningful and accessible ways.
Nebula's dedication is exemplified by their provision of a free-to-access 'ESG Unwrapped' platform, allowing other channel firms to benefit from and engage with ESG initiatives. These resources are testament to their belief in the collective benefit of sustainable practices – without any competition. By enabling wider participation and understanding, Nebula is spearheading a movement that aligns business success with social and environmental responsibility.
The impact of Nebula Global Services goes beyond the immediate benefits to our sector; they are paving the way for a future where ESG is integral to every business strategy. Their initiatives encourage companies to adopt practices that are not only ethical but also beneficial to the broader community and the environment. This visionary approach underscores the reality that caring for our planet and people creates a wealthier and more equitable future for all.

Natalie Hailey, People Services Director at CAE Technology Services

Nebula is proving to be an unstoppable force in the IT Channel. As well as delivering best in-class services, they are providing guidance and direction for the whole channel when it comes to sustainability. I was very impressed with their ESG Unwrapped Report, all the research and analytics they provide are invaluable, plus, their ambition to help others on their ESG journeys. It takes organisations like Nebula to drive change, and their selfless approach is admirable.

jenny profile image
Jenny Latimer, Head of Alliances & Operations at Highgate IT Solutions

It's great to see Nebula investing the time and are working collaboratively with their partner community to make the systems changes that are needed for a sustainable future. Working hard with sincere, authentic intent and basing their research on real data, their ESG Unwrapped report is a brilliant undertaking and one that they should be very proud of. It was such a pleasure to have played a small part of this as part of their Net Heroes feature.  I have been working in Responsible Business/ESG for 15 years and selecting me as a Net Hero was a humbling experience. Thank you Nebula.

Janice Phayre, ESG, Responsible Business, Automation Workshops for Kids, Charity Fundraising, Employee Volunteering, Staff Wellbeing

Hear from Our Customers

Working with Nebula Global Services has been wonderful experience. As a networking business, aap3’s need for a reliable and efficient international networking support partner became paramount, and Nebula has exceeded our expectations on a global scale.

Chris Napier | Global Business Development Manager, aap3

I wholeheartedly recommend Nebula to anyone seeking an unparalleled IT channel service. They have set a benchmark for professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction that is truly commendable. I am grateful for the positive experience and look forward to engaging their services again in the future.

Steve Thompson, Director, X-tech IT

Hear from Nebula's Community Charity Partner

“Working with the Nebula team is entirely different to working with any other corporate team. SHARE has become a community of its own and a support network for not just those that come along for food but also for the volunteers – Nebula are integral in that. The team support regularly, they make extra efforts on the days we are open to ensure they are of assistance to all in attendance and they are fully committed not just on service days but to the charity as a whole.”

Claire Revie, Founder of SHARE Wokingham

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