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Our 3 pillars to building a sustainable channel community

We recognise that Nebula are a key partner in the technology channel services value chain. Therefore, we are fully committed to doing everything in our control to drive an authentic and transparent carbon reduction plan to help reduce our channel partners Scope 3 supply chain emissions. This is being delivered through an obsession to source-local, source-responsible and source ethical, creating a sustainable community for future generations.

1. Source-local

Access globalocal ecosystems to ensure the local unification of people and technology.

2. Source-responsible

Build trust and loyalty in your value chain by delivering the actions you’ve committed to and responsible for.

3. Source-ethical

Align yourself with businesses and people who demonstrate similar ethical values in everything they do.

Nebula’s 6-stage approach to sustainability

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

By utilising local resources, Nebula looks to reduce the need for extensive international travel, shipping, and transportation.

2. Supporting Local Economies

Nebula leverages local resources to stimulate economic growth in the regions where they operate. This, in turn, supports sustainable development by creating jobs, enhancing local livelihoods, and promoting community well-being whilst aligning with our United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability

Nebula are present in over 140 countries where they have adopted an innate understanding of local cultures, languages, and customs. The ability to adapt to local preferences increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Faster Time-to-Market

Leveraging Nebula’s local resources can expedite service delivery timelines. Local specialists are equipped to navigate regional regulations and bureaucratic processes efficiently, resulting in quicker service execution, therefore enhancing the customer success experience (CSX).

5. Sustainable Partnerships

Nebula select partners whose values align with their own sustainability goals. This commitment to environmental and social responsibility ensures the service delivery supply chain remains focused on the outcomes demanded by all parties.

6. Technology and Innovation

Embrace technological advancements that enable efficient communication, collaboration, and resource optimisation. Cloud-based tools, data analytics, and remote project management platforms are utilised to enhance operational efficiency and minimise unnecessary travel.

Sustainable Development Goals

The material aspects identified within our materiality assessment are aligned to the relevant UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we have identified the following SDGs for primary focus:


We have aligned our sustainability goals with core business objectives, setting targets, and developing action plans to drive progress and achieve positive impact and progress towards the SDG targets where relevant to our business.

SDG Targets

Carbon Reduction Projects


Trees planted to support diversity and absorb carbon

10 tonnes

Community-based carbon avoidance projects

15 tonnes

Renewable energy projects - replacing fossil fuels emissions

In partnership with Ecologi

Our Journey to NetZero

Goals,For,Addressing,Poverty,Worldwide,And,Realizing,Sustainable,Development.,Sdgs January 2024

Align with UN Sustainable Development Goals

January 2024

Partner with Ecologi

Sustainable,Green,Building.,Eco friendly,Building.,Sustainable,Glass,Office,Building,With Febuary 2024

Release ESG Key Performance Indicators

March 2024

Launch Net Zero target

Co2,Emission,Reduction,Icon.,Eco,Friendly,Green,Cloud,Sign,Of April 2024

Carbon Reduction Plan

June 2024

Carbon offsetting & reduction program for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Internet,Network,Security,Concept,With,Young,Man,In,The,Night September 2024

Achieve ISO27001 – Information Security

Green,Technology.,Environmental,Technology,Concept.,Sustainable,Development,Goals.,Sdgs. December 2024

Achieve ISO14001 Environmental

Green,Forest,With,Moss,And,Grass,With,Lightbulb.,Symbols,Of March 2025

EcoVadis Certification


Nebula Supply Chain emissions reduced by 20%

Environmentally,Friendly,Planet.,Symbolic,Tree,Made,From,Green,Leaves,And 2026

Scope 3 tracking of Technical Engineer Network


Nebula commits to removing 1,000 tonnes of CO2

Sustainable,Development,Goal,(sdgs),Concept.,Hands,Holding,Global,Communication,Network 2028

#TeamNebula becomes a climate positive workforce


Nebula Service Delivery Partners Climate Positive through commitments to their scope 1 & 2 emissions

Education,Technology,E learning,Online,Training,Webinar,Seminar,Knowledge,Business,Personal 2035

Establish a global 'Customer Success Experience' Nebula STAR's University


Nebula Supply Chain is Climate Positive

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Net Zero achieved

Our purpose is simple, an obsession to source-local, source-responsible and source-ethical. Creating a sustainable community for the benefit of future generations.

Decarbonisation partner – Ecologi

Scope 1:
Direct emissions

Scope 2:
Emissions from the energy sources we consume

Scope 3:
Emissions from our value chain

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