Customer Success Obsessed

Our ‘customer success obsessed’ approach towards service enablement is what separates us from other channel services businesses, and why we deliver the ultimate Customer Success Experience (CSX).

Changing landscape

Traditional Vendor-led Value Chain

Never seen previously in the technology channel has the pace of change been so dramatic as it is today. After many years governed by a vendor-led roadmap, the tide has changed, with the end-user customer now calling the shots in an outcome driven market. This disruption has brought both challenges and opportunities for technology channel firms looking to realign their value proposition.

Traditional Desktop v4
Traditional Mobile v2

Customer-led Value Chain

As a result of the changing landscape, VARs, MSPs and GSIs, alongside their channel services partners such as Nebula, are now positioned at the forefront of the customer-led value chain, making them much more intrinsic to their customers. This is driving an increased demand to form marketplaces where XaaS and outcome-driven solutions are setting a new standard in Customer Experience (CX), that Nebula have identified as Customer Success Experience (CSX).

Customer Desktop v4
Customer Mobile v2

Sustainable CSX methodology

Our infinite approach to a sustainable customer success experience (CSX) means Nebula are continually improving our processes to remain relevant in a changing market. In an outcome-driven world, the only constant is change, therefore we need to implement agile processes that can easily adapt to demand, whilst adhering to the highest industry standards.


1. Discover

  • Market Dynamics
  • Consumption Models
  • Insights / Trends
  • Emerging Tech

2. Define

  • Desired Outcomes
  • What does success look like
  • Solutions Design
  • Engagement model

3. Collaborate

  • Identify Partners
  • Engage Value Chain
  • Commercial Models
  • ESG Aligned

4. Transition

  • Onboard Service
  • Engage Partners
  • Activate Systems
  • Define Timescales

5. Deploy

  • Activate Solution Updates
  • Service Management
  • Best Practice Methodology
  • Manage Ecosystem

6. Evaluate

  • Identify Improvements
  • Define Efficiencies
  • Recommendations
  • Ecosystem Communications

CSX foundation pillars

Nebula CSX is built on years of know-how, service excellence, and a genuine focus
on the continual evolution of customer outcomes. Our CSX foundation pillars
span the principal areas we have identified are important to the success of our
channel partners.

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