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VADs & Distributors

For many years VADs and Distributors have found it challenging to find vendor agnostic service partners, who not only complement their existing portfolio of vendor products through service enhancements, but also stand shoulder-to-shoulder when providing a service-wrap across new Go-To-Market (GTM) product deployments.

With a significant carbon impact burden to carry, in terms of their logistics network and distribution of new technology hardware, it is imperative that VADs & Distributors chose sustainability-focused partners to help reduce that burden. Nebula understands this challenge and has set out a carbon reduction plan to help mitigate unnecessary carbon emissions in their own supply chain, with a strategic view to assist their partners with their own decarbonisation goals.

Unlike other channel service partners such as TPM’s (Third-Party Maintainers), Nebula’s service provides extensive global coverage across 140 countries and counting, with access to a network of over 7,400 technical experts.

This provides an enriched service wrap to a VADs & Distributors product offering regardless of the international location. Integrating this high-margin suite of services into their existing portfolio, presents an enhanced proposition to channel partners, who ultimately deliver a customer success experience to their end user clients.

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Market Insight

Value-added distributors need to market their value add and become visible as a key element in the ecosystem opportunity, driving value creation, creating network effects, and orchestrating co-innovation. We are starting to see this approach in the evolution of ‘Cloud Commerce Marketplaces’ who are changing the rules of engagement when it comes to the distribution of technology. Traditional VADs and Distributors will need to adapt quickly in order to survive.

Are Distributors The Future Of Distribution? |

71% of the channel’s resale revenue is sourced through IT distributors? That volume is nearly three times more than the combined hardware, software, cloud and other technology services business that goes through the direct market (24%). Vendors should take note of that disparity. As the numbers and research clearly illustrate, the volume capabilities and value-add opportunities that channel distributors bring to the table are invaluable to short- and long-term channel success. The assistance those companies provide on the virtual side of IT are just as critical for vendors.

The Value of IT Distribution is Rising Across the Ecosystem | GTDC

GTM service partner

Channel-only model

Tier 1, 2, 3 products supported

Vendor agnostic

Sustainable Goals Alignment

Global service – 140+ countries

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