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The Solution

With Nebula’s unique outcome-based approach to the client aspirations, Nebula created a solution that addressed all the clients wishes by blending the relevant elements of the Cisco vendor software & replacement part service, with a Nebula delivered onsite engineering voucher model.  This allowed a substantial cost saving without losing the vendor support benefits that ensured they were compliant with Cisco and followed best practice guidelines. Nebula’s global ecosystem of over 7,400 technical field experts allowed a controlled onsite service within a desired SLA that met the ESG aspirations due to our ‘Source-local, Source-responsible & Source-ethical’ pillars.

Based on a calculation by Nebula of potential hardware failure rates across the various device types during the life of the contract, it was decided that a consumption based onsite voucher service was the preferred route for the end client to run alongside their vendor support contract.  This provided peace-of-mind that they would have access to SLA driven onsite service from Nebula whenever they needed it, in all their locations across Europe, USA, Middle East & APAC.

With a dedicated service delivery manager and a monthly stat report, the client had full visibility of their onsite voucher utilisation, ensuring at all times they knew how many vouchers were being consumed, and the ability to top up if they needed to. The report also allowed Nebula to identify and share any trends of repeat visits to certain sites or devices and address with an proactive onsite health check or site survey if applicable.

With the entire 3,500 device list being on an existing 4 Hour onsite response service, a review by Nebula of the estate and its criticality to the operational running of their business, it was proposed to blend the SLAs depending on what was core or edge infrastructure. This exercise helped highlight that a large proportion of the estate was suitable to be on next business day service, with the most critical infrastructure staying on a 4 hour on-site SLA, with this blended approach further helping reduce costs which retaining operational efficiency.

Nebula also suggested to its global Cisco VAR channel partner to utilise Cisco’s shared support model rather than Smartnet due to the cost benefits.  By blending this option with Nebula’s voucher offering they were covered for all service elements and able to add their own value too, something our VAR customer hadn’t considered previously.  Whilst Nebula were able to also offer a 24x7x365 Service Desk facility, it was opted for the VAR channel partner to manage and triage the initial end client calls.

The Outcome

As a result of their partnership with Nebula, the global VAR and Insurance firm end client managed to ensure its critical infrastructure was fully supported with a valid Cisco backed support agreement. By complementing with Nebula’s global flexible onsite voucher service, the end client reduced their costs by 40% against the previous year’s direct Smartnet support.  As a result, this substantial saving has been reinvested in more critical projects by the end client, helping them accelerate their digital transformation goals.

Due to the success of this specific Cisco managed service, and the associated sustainability focus, Nebula has become an intrinsic partner for any additional networking devices as part of the global insurance clients aggressive growth.

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Customer Success Experience


Locally sourced technical experts were used for the project to minimise travel time and associated expenses.

Carbon reduction

Source local approach reduced the carbon impact of the project.

3,500 Cisco devices

Including routers, switches, firewalls, and APs.

4hr on-site SLA

A blend of 4hr same day and Next Business Day SLAs were used to reduce cost and maximise uptime.

Vendor agnostic

Technical team installed Cisco Networking and Dell Server technologies.

Intrinsic Partner

Successful project implementation has resulted in becoming a strategic partner.

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