The Solution

As part of their commitment to the project, Nebula dedicated a wireless technical architect and project management team to review the existing floor plans and create a bespoke SOW for the 20 x priority offices across EMEA & APAC.

The team documented the relevant activities needed to capture the required data using our Ekahau tools that would help the end client make the best possible decision around investment, and achieve the necessary wi-fi and security improvements.

All relevant spectrum analysing features were gathered within the Ekahau Sidekick, ensuring that all non-wi-fi interference sources could be detected and identified.

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The Outcome

Following the tailored SOW and the successful delivery of the surveys across each office, Nebula were able to make a recommendation of the number of APs, and change wireless infrastructure to ensure best performance and deliver the outcome the end client was looking for.

Nebula offer a full suite of wireless survey options to support all customer needs using the latest, most accurate software and hardware. Our wireless engineers can deliver surveys on mixed vendor, mixed environment, any size, anywhere.

The wireless site surveys delivered by Nebula ensure that channel partners end user customers receive a bespoke, fit for purpose solution designed to cover all their wireless requirements. Also in scope was occupancy analysis, application awareness & environmental analysis.


Customer Success Experience

Global deployment

Wireless project was delivered across 51 countries.

Simple & agile engagement model

Full transparency and reporting to both the channel partner and end user client.


Upgrade of all wireless infrastructure to Juniper Mist.

Multiple wireless survey types

New deployment, health check & AP remediation, simulation.

Complementary pre-sales and solution support

Accessed via Nebula's wireless Global Technical Solutions (GTS) team.

Consistent and repeatable Ekahau tooling skills and reporting

Deployed across all global locations

Accreditations - Quality at the core

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